TransMagic develops a broad range of 3D CAD interoperability and translation software products. These powerful tools can help solve many of the 3D CAD data exchange problems facing the manufacturing industry. TransMagic customers save time typically lost in reworking non-native CAD files. With TransMagic, diverse multi-CAD data is more usable for those who need it. The intuitive user interface allows all manufacturing professionals and non-CAD experts to quickly reuse 3D CAD data with easy-to-use translation, geometry repair and viewing technology.

TransMagic Installation Guide

This installation guide will walk you through the steps necessary to download, install a Stand Alone version of TransMagic.

Step 1 Download

Click here to download TransMagic.

Step 2 Install

The automated installation wizard will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Download and install any required Microsoft components, if necessary.
  2. Un-Install previous versions of TransMagic.
  3. Install TransMagic
  4. Prompt to install CAD Interface if you have a supported CAD system installed on your computer.
  5. During the installation process you will be prompted to select “Network” or “Stand Alone” installation. This determines where the license key resides. For network installations your IT department may have to setup a license on a server which your TransMagic computer will connect to. If you are not sure, you are most likely using a Stand Alone license.

Step 3 Register

From the Windows Start button select All Programs->TransMagic R7->License Manager then click “Register License Key”. This will open the License Key dialog.

  1. Select the Reference Code then press Ctrl+C on the keyboard to copy this code to your clipboard.
  2. Paste your reference code into the License Request Form.
  3. When you receive your License Key in a reply email, copy it to your clipboard, open the License Manager and paste the Reference Code in the License Key box.


At this point you should be ready to start using TransMagic. To get started, we recommend that you read the Quick Start Guide that is located in the Help Documentation. There are also video tutorials located within the tutorial section of the Help Documentation that provide detailed explanations of some of the more advanced capabilities within the product.