TransMagic develops a broad range of 3D CAD interoperability and translation software products. These powerful tools can help solve many of the 3D CAD data exchange problems facing the manufacturing industry. TransMagic customers save time typically lost in reworking non-native CAD files.  With TransMagic, diverse multi-CAD data is more usable for those who need it. The intuitive user interface allows all manufacturing professionals and non-CAD experts to quickly reuse 3D CAD data with easy-to-use translation, geometry repair and viewing technology.

CAD/CAM/CAE Information

After rigorous testing, the file formats listed give the best 3D CAD interoperability results for specific CAD/CAM/CAE applications. Please refer to the list below and use the suggested file format to achieve the best multi-cad data exchange or translation results. For software applications not listed below, we recommend the following:

  • Open your CAD/CAM/CAE software and click on the “File→Open” menu. Look for a list or drop down menu of the compatible file formats and file extensions available in your application.
  • Use the following formats in order of best results:
    1. ACIS (*.sat) or Parasolid (*.x_t)
    2. STEP (*.stp)
    3. IGES (*.igs)

Best Translation Results

Software Name Read Formats Write Formats
ABAQUS *.sat *.sat
ADAMS *.x_t *.x_t
ALIBRE *.sat *.sat
AlphaCAM *.x_t *.x_t
AnSoft *.sat *.sat
ANSYS *.sat *.sat
Ashlar-Vellum *.sat *.sat
AutoCAD *.sat *.sat
Autodesk Inventor *ipt, *iam *.sat
CADKey *.sat or *.x_t *.sat or *.x_t
CADMAX SolidMaster *.x_t *.x_t
Camtek PEPS *.x_t *.x_t
CATIA V4 *.exp, *.session, *.model *.model
CATIA V5 Assembly *.CATProduct *.CATPart
CATIA V5 Part *.CATPart *.CATPart
CheckMate *.sat *.sat
CimatronE *.sat *.sat
DCS Products *.hsf or *.sat *.hsf or *.sat
Design Space *.x_t *.x_t
DesignSTAR *.x_t *.x_t
EdgeCAM Solid Machinist *.x_t *.x_t
Esprit *.x_t *.x_t
Euklid Design *.x_t *.x_t
Factory Mill *.x_t *.x_t
FeatureCAM *.x_t *.x_t
Femap *.x_t *.x_t
FEVA *.sat *.sat
GAMBIT *.sat or *.x_t *.sat or *.x_t
GibbsCAM *.sat or *.x_t *.sat or *.x_t
Hoops MetaFile *.hmf *.hmf
Hoops Stream File *.hsf *.hsf
I-DEAS *.x_t, *.stp. *.jt *.x_t, *.stp, *.jt
IGES *.igs *.igs
ImpactXOFT *.sat *.sat
Inventor Assembly *.iam *.sat
Inventor Part *.ipt *.sat
IronCAD *.sat or *.x_t *.sat or *.x_t
IX SPeeD *.sat *.sat
MasterCAM *.x_t *.x_t
Mechanical Desktop *.sat *.sat
MegaCAD *.sat *.sat
MicroStation *.sat or *.x_t *.sat or *.x_t
Missler Goelan *.x_t *.x_t
Missler TopCAD *.x_t *.x_t
Missler TopSolid *.x_t *.x_t
MoldFlow *.sat or *.x_t *.sat or *.x_t
MSC.ADAMS *.x_t *.x_t
MSC.Patran *.x_t *.x_t
MSC.VisualNastran *.x_t *.x_t
NASTRAN *.sat *.sat
NGRAIN   *.3ko
PARAMARINE *.x_t *.x_t
Parasolid *.x_t, *.xmt_txt *.x_t
PATRAN *.sat *.sat
PowerSHAPE *.x_t *.x_t
Pro/ENGINEER Assembly *.asm *.x_t, *.stp
Pro/ENGINEER Part *.prt *.sat, *.x_t, *.stp
SAT *.sat, *.sab *.sat
SheetWorks *.x_t *.x_t
SmartViewer *.x_t *.x_t
Solid Builder *.x_t *.x_t
SolidDesigner *.sat *.sat
SolidEdge *.x_t *.x_t
SolidWorks Assembly *.sldasm *.x_t
SolidWorks Part *.sldprt *.x_t
STEP *.stp *.stp
Stereo Lithography *.stl *.stl
SURFCAM *.x_t *.x_t
TopSystems t-flex CAD *.x_t *.x_t
TracePro *.sat *.sat
TurboCAD *.sat *.sat
Unigraphics CAM *.x_t *.x_t
Unigraphics *.prt, *.x_t, *.jt *.x_t, *.jt
Vellum *.sat *.sat
Vertex *.sat *.sat
Virtual Gibbs *.x_t *.x_t
VirtualNC *.x_t *.x_t
VISI-Series *.x_t *.x_t
VX CAD/CAM *.x_t *.x_t