TransMagic develops a broad range of 3D CAD interoperability and translation software products. These powerful tools can help solve many of the 3D CAD data exchange problems facing the manufacturing industry. TransMagic customers save time typically lost in reworking non-native CAD files.  With TransMagic, diverse multi-CAD data is more usable for those who need it. The intuitive user interface allows all manufacturing professionals and non-CAD experts to quickly reuse 3D CAD data with easy-to-use translation, geometry repair and viewing technology.

Inventor Power Packs

Inventor 2011 Certified

Do you need a SolidWorks to Autocad converter?
    Do you need to create or repair solid models in autocad?
        Do you need to open CATIA in Autocad?
             Need to open Unigraphics in Autocad?
                Parasolid x_t to Autocad?

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  • How do I convert Autocad 2010 to Autocad 2011?
  • How do I correct Autocad geometry?
  • How do I convert to Pro/e

The Answer: TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor

TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor exists within Inventor for a seamless, user-friendly interface. Fully equipped, TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor can translate and convert various file formats including CATIA, Parasolid, SolidWorks, Pro/E, Unigraphics, Acis, Iges, Step, STL, JT, OBJ and more. Not only does TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor enable you to open, import and read in these file formats, TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor also supports many of these formats for export and save out.

In addition to various file format support, read and write various versions of Autocad Inventor including 2010, 2011 and more. Not only can you read and write different versions of Inventor, but TransMagic PowerPack fully supports various versions of all formats such as CATIA and SolidWorks. 3D CAD data exchange and model conversion was never so easy.

Because model quality, solid models, and models without gaps are important, TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor includes state-of-the-art, fully automated model repair technology, eliminating gaps and poor quality models to deliver only SOLID models.

Need More? TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor is included with every license of TransMagic EXPERT. This duo package enables easy, intuitive user access as well as a variety of advanced tools such as mass properties, quoting, and real-time collaboration. For models with missing surfaces, switching to TransMagic EXPERT allows you to utilize the Advanced Repair Tool bar including MagicSurface.

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